Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TEA DAY stand out among other tea franchises in India?

TEA DAY, TEA DAY stands out due to its rapid expansion across multiple states and cities, offering diverse outlet sizes and models, including cafes, kiosks, and outlet designs. The commitment to serving fresh, traditional, and authentic tea in a modern cafe style contributes to its uniqueness.

How does TEA DAY ensure the quality of its tea offerings?

TEA DAY, TEA DAY prioritizes quality by sourcing high-grade tea leaves and maintaining strict quality control measures at every stage. The company ensures freshness and authenticity by focusing on traditional brewing methods and using premium ingredients.

What types of franchise models does TEA DAY offer, and how can one become a franchisee?

TEA DAY, TEA DAY offers various franchise models, ranging from small kiosks to larger cafe designs. Prospective franchisees can inquire about opportunities by contacting the company through their official website or contacting their franchise department directly.

Can customers expect a unique experience at TEA DAY outlets?

Absolutely! TEA DAY aims to provide not just a beverage but an experience. With strategic locations, innovative cafe designs, and a focus on creating a modern yet traditional ambiance, customers can expect a distinctive and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

What sets TEA DAY's tea offerings apart from traditional tea outlets?

TEA DAY, TEA DAY infuses traditional tea with a modern twist, creating a unique blend that appeals to contemporary tastes. The emphasis on tea's strength, akin to the strength found in friendships, sets it apart, offering a fresh take on the conventional tea-drinking experience.

How has TEA DAY been recognized within the industry?

TEA DAY, TEA DAY received the prestigious KTCC Karnataka Business Award 2022 as the Best Tea Franchisee. This acknowledgment speaks volumes about its robust business model, enabling the rapid expansion of 175+ stores within a short period, marking it as a trailblazer in the Indian tea franchise industry.